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My Journey Running A Mom-Centered Business

Starting a mom-centered business can be a daunting task, but also one that is incredibly rewarding!

In this blog post, I'm going to share my journey as a mamapreneur, along with some tips and advice for others who are interested in doing the same.

I started my mom-centered business when my kids were still very young. At the time, I was a stay-at-home mom and wanted to find more ways to contribute financially. I decided to launch a doula business and online herb shop to complement my handmade soap and candle business, I sold products and provided services geared toward women, moms, and their families.

The first step was to come up with a business plan. I wrote out my goals, budget, and timeline. I also did a lot of research on my target market, as well as what products and services would be most appealing to them. Once I had all this in place, I began to build my businesses.

I chose a platform that was easy to use and allowed me to customize it to fit my needs. I also had to decide on web hosting, payment processor, shipping and fulfillment options, and a marketing strategy. Once that was all set up, I was ready to officially launch my business.

Since then, I've been on a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. I've had to adjust my strategy multiple times in order to keep up with the changing market--it's always changing. I've also had to learn how to better manage my time, balance my work and family life, and stay motivated.

My advice for other moms who want to start their own businesses is to be prepared to put in the hard work, consistency and dedication. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. Surround yourself with supportive people, stay organized, and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Most importantly, believe in yourself and your business! With a little bit of hard work and determination, you can make your dream a reality. Love & Light!

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